I like my peace and quiet just the way it is, thank you very much.

My comforts too, alone in my little cave of books and dreams, far from awkward conversations and the in-your-face glow stick parades and barf-filled bucket beaches of South East Asia.

But that quiet time is not enough and you know that very well, don’t you?

Who says that corner should stay at home? Why can’t you find your little nooks and crannies everywhere? Being an introvert shouldn’t be a barrier to your dreams, it should be foundation to launch yourself towards them.

Your mind is alive with adventure and the creativity inside is just bursting to get out. It’s time to do this; it’s time to do life your way.

You don’t want to just dip your toes in travel, you want to immerse yourself in it. Moreover, you want the freedom to do it long-term. Forever, perhaps. But how?

Right here on The Digital Crusader, you’ll find bags of inspiration, tips and motivation for a slow-travelling introvert to push their boundaries in the quest for a life of adventure and digital entrepreneurship.

Among the tales of my misadventures, you’ll find real advice on:

  • How to break free from the boundaries of your current existence.
  • Overcoming the worries and shyness of being an introvert on the road..
  • Finding friends and making real connections when you travel.
  • Enjoying slow travel through cultural immersion.
  • Unlocking your creative potential.
  • Growing as a person and professional through travel.
  • Turning your creative passion into a profitable business that enables you to have location-independent lifestyle.

Me at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Hello there!

My name is Christopher John Haughey. Quite the mouthful indeed. As no writer ever got anywhere by using their full name, it’ll be C.J. Haughey from here on in, not to be confused with the former president of Ireland who got mixed up in a spot of gun-running back in the day. We don’t speak much of old Uncle Charlie now, god rest his rebel soul.

South Armagh was an interesting place to grow up. It was a turbulent pressure cooker of opposing forces; a ferocious desire to be free caged by the powers of larger oppressing forces.

It mirrored the conflict between my fantastical imagination and the shackles of shyness that strangled such wild dreams. A low flame flickered for years, barely alight in the shadows as I plodded through the motions, hitting all the milestones that society had laid out for me to follow.

Until I could follow no more.

While ardent use of a pen or passport carries no guarantee of a sustainable living, I’ve long felt destined to do life a little differently. Nothing else calls to me from what most call “real life”.

And so I’m joining the legions of the digital age by developing a lifestyle of creative earning online while I continue to immerse myself in cultures and countries around this incredible planet.

I’m going to take what I know and love and make it my life and along the way I’m going to show you how to do it too.

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How did this happen?

Childhood vacations aside, I got my first real taste of life abroad when I left home at 18 to go to university in England. It was there that my mind awakened to much more than any lecture could have taught me and the desire to travel grew as I watched my older sisters take off around the world.

Since 2011, I’ve lived abroad for all but a few months of 2015 when I made an overdue return home for my eldest sister’s wedding. Over three years had passed in which I had lived in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and backpacked around a lot of South East Asia.

All of a sudden I was back.

But something was different. I knew I couldn’t stay.

Since August 2015, I’ve been teaching English in South Korea.

This September, I will return home for a month to spend some time with family and explore my own country more than I ever have before. In October, I will board a one-way flight to South America to conquer a long-held ambition of exploring the continent with an extended odyssey of adventure, slow travel, work, volunteering projects, cultural home-stays and language exchanges.

By my side will be my partner-in-crime, Diana. This beautiful Canadian woman, who has captured my heart and at least three of my old t-shirts (that I know of), has always been afar. However, in August we will close the chapter on the long-distance malarkey and be together full-time.

My girlfriend and I - The Digital Crusader


Extended travel together will be our biggest test but we relish the challenge. I’m not a religious man, if however you want to ensure we don’t kill each other on the road, I have no objections if you would like to offer up a prayer to Batman. If he can’t help, nobody can.

How is The Digital Crusader going to help?

My previous attempts at writing a travel blog were little more than a side-hobby, an uneducated, casual after-thought and like many blogs, a glorified diary.

Over time, I’ve been developing my skills in freelance writing, website design, social media marketing and SEO. Yes, that’s right folks; I’m slowly and surely becoming a full-on digital ninja.

The Digital Crusader will not only help me achieve my dream lifestyle, it will provide practicable advice for YOU to embark on your own crusade, so you can conquer your self-doubts to come out of your shell and change your life for the better.

Thanks for stopping by and the best of luck on creating the life you deserve!


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