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Two girls sitting on edge of boat watching across the ocean to the sunset in Cambodia

Travel Bus Bonkers: Rough ride to Snookyville

Cambodia is somewhat of a under-rated gem on the backpacker trail in South East Asia. While many come and go for little more than Angkor Wat, getting away from the crowds to visit the beach town of Sihanoukville is well worth it. The journey there was a rough one for us, but Snookyville is worth a look. Little tip, make sure you have sleeping pills before this bus ride!

Vietnam Taxi Scam

Vietnam is a beautiful country, unfortunately some nefarious characters are not so. Taxi scams are a common scourge. This is one every traveler should know.

New Year, New Beginning

New Year is long gone. It’s time to embrace the change and get stuck into those resolutions. 2017 holds a lot of change and promise. It begins now.

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