A smart phone can do a lot for the average traveler, but what other travel gadgets do you need on the road?

The common ground for all digital nomads, travelers and tourists alike in 2017 has been the desire for awesome travel gadgets to make your trip even better. With 2018 just a breath away, that’s not about to change anytime soon. Even if you’re only enjoying a weekend away from normal life, the escapism and entertainment that technology offers is unrivaled.

Tech gear can take a lot of space in your suitcase or backpack, which in turns leads to a lot of worry when you bid your luggage farewell at the check-in desk. When it comes to your electronic products, it’s best to have them with you at all times. That way you can keep them safe and be sure never to be stuck for entertainment!

If the worst case scenario happens and your main baggage disappears on its own private vacation, your online business, blog or digital venture won’t suffer when you have everything you need on your back.

When you’re packing your carry-on bag for your next adventure, you’ll not regret finding space for these travel gadgets.


White slim laptop

1. Lightweight Laptop

Faced with the prospect of travelling South America but determined to make it as a digital nomad, I knew a laptop was essential but was cautious about splashing the cash on a hefty, expensive model. Aside from being cumbersome to carry around, the thought of anything happening to something I spent so much on was a little scary.

Enter this slim and sexy beauty from Lenovo to solve my problems. It can do everything a digital nomad needs, from Microsoft Word use to running a blog, playing videos, watching Netflix and listening to Spotify. It’s lighter than a 1990s Nokia phone and has a battery to rival one too with a full charge leaving you cable free for 6-8 hours of constant use! Without a doubt the steal of the year for me.


Black and green external hard drive

2. Hard drive

Perhaps not the most advanced or recent gadget to have, but an essential item nonetheless. A hard drive is your fail safe; the ultimate back-up for all photos and videos. Phones may fall down toilets, laptops may corrupt and crash, cameras may be stolen, the internet may malfunction and delete all your photos and videos forever….OK, maybe not. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Having a good hard drive that is regularly updated ensures you don’t lose all those golden memories. Plus you’ll always be armed with lots of movies and TV shows whenever the internet is down. Serious photographers might burn through storage space quick but the average person should find great legs in a 1Tb hard drive. At around $80, you’ll have enough storage for at least a year or two.

I’m a clumsy sort, but no matter how much I drop and bang this sleek little model, it just keeps on running.

Black portable power bank3. Portable battery

The achilles heel of the smartphone industry is the poor battery life that curses almost every leading device on the market. Even flagship models such as the Samsung S7 and HTC One can barely make it from dawn til dusk without crying to be fed.
Is there anything more annoying than to have your phone die as you roll up to the amazing jungle temple, before you even got a single photo? Even worse, having a dead battery when you get lost in the jungle!

A good portable battery won’t break the bank and typically holds three or four full charges at the peak of its powers. You can rest assured your camera and GPS will never be short of juice on the road.

There are a lot on the market but the Anker is worth all the hype it gets. And by god that’s a lot of hype. If it’s true that there’s no smoke without fire then this thing is an inferno. It promises five full charges of a smartphone before you need to recharge the unit or alternatively it can fully charge five devices simultaneously. It makes good on both promises, time and time again. It’s no surprise people snap up this bargain.

Small personal drone being controlled from a mobile phone


4. Selfie Drone

It’s official; the future is here! Flying robots are videoing us and what’s more is we’re paying for it. The good news is that rapid developments and intense competition have made drones more affordable. Selfie drones, also known as dronies (that’s right, we’ve allowed this to happen) may well spell the end of selfie sticks in 2018. Expect to see plenty of these flying bots over the next 12 months, most likely crashing into each other as well as people’s heads while spoiled children and techno geeks alike learn to get to grips with the newest craze.

For any self-respecting video blogger or self-obsessed photographer, a selfie drone will be as essential as the sun-cream and passport. Fly by Amazon for a bargain on the future of photography.


Wireless black and silver headphones

5. Headphones

This one is a no-brainer; headphones are definitely an essential travel gadget. Whether it’s music on lazy bus journeys or Netflix during arduous airport layovers, you’ll always find a time on your travels when you just need to plug in and get lost in your own thoughts. A pair of basic earphones can be snapped up for around $10. But they’ll fall out constantly and get lost or broken sooner than you get Delhi belly.

Headphones are the way to go now and it’s worth splashing a few extra bucks for the comfort and quality. Plus it’s harder to lose headphones. For true high-end sets, there is a gulf in quality compared to the cheap little earphones you will find at your local supermarket or home goods store.

If you want incredible sound quality and noise-cancelling without breaking the bank, I recommend these gems from – they’re perfect for escaping the world.


Black e-reader with white screen

6. E-reader

Perhaps not everyone is a big reader, but if you’re into blogs or writing then there’s a half-chance you are. If you aren’t, you should try it. Whether it’s fiction or biographies, history or languages, there’s something to entertain and engage everyone. Books don’t just inform, they inspire. Find your muse and build those mind muscles.

Slogging heavy books around on your vacation or backpacking trip is far from ideal. The most affordable Kindle gives you access to thousands of books, many of which are free to download. If you’re tired of reading, then just watch movies on it!


Black portable speaker with white positive and negative symbols

7. Bluetooth speaker

Wires are a thing of the past and good riddance to them. No longer do you need to trip over your speaker cables and drag your laptop crashing to the floor. That happens everyone, right?
Bluetooth, that innovative wonder of the 90s, is hanging in there. It has cornered the audio market with a range of great little speakers, with many available for under $50.

A quality speaker that can hook up to your phone in seconds is a great addition to any small gathering. Waterpoof is an important feature of any decent portable speaker in 2017. Whether you’re bringing life to the pool party or just singing in the shower, this booming little travel gadget is worth having at hand.

Grey and black dayback with black straps

 8. Anti-theft Day Pack

The biggest worry about owning a lot of expensive electronic gear is the fear that something will happen to it. When you travel, it’s a concern. Is it going to be stolen by monkeys? Will you drop your laptop into the pool? Are you going to be mugged or fall prey to a sly snatch ‘n’ grab? While some disasters are unpreventable, you can do your best to protect your beloved tech.

If you’re going to have all the awesome travel gadgets on this list, you may as well make sure they’re safe!

Enter the most awesome day pack of the year.

It is made for digital nomads and comes prepared for the perilous road ahead. This bag is water-proof, stab-proof and sneaky-bastard-finger-proof. It has many concealed zips and pockets – you can even charge your phone with its secret USB port! You can rest assured your expensive gear is safe inside when you navigate pushy crowds. When in notorious areas for backpacker theft like Latin America and Europe, the peace of mind alone is worth grabbing this kick-ass day pack. It’s easy to see why its Kickstarter fund soared over a half a million; it’s awesome!


What tech items are in your suitcase or backpack? Is there something I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!