So, what’s all this then? Just another travel blog, right?

Sure, there’s some obvious similarities but once you start poking around and turning over a few stones, you’ll find much more than a blurb of my most horrifying meal or a tale or three of the terrors of bus travel abroad.

The Digital Crusader is a baby in the blogosphere, a little sapling among Jumanji-esque vines. An expert procrastinator with a metaphorical mountain to climb.

But mountains were made for climbing.

As an introvert, some of the simplest tasks in daily life can seem like a mountain but through extended travel and all the amazing experiences it offers, it’s possible to change your mindset and your life to conquer anything that comes your way.


Couple on Mt Jade, Taiwan - The Digital Crusader
She makes me climb mountains, I like it. Especially when there’s snacks.

Once a shy and somewhat anxious kid, wanderlust has given me the confidence and courage to do things I once would have shied away from. From jumping out of a plane to training Muay Thai in Thailand, learning to ride a motorbike or moving to a foreign country on less than a week’s notice. 

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before!

With approximately 74 bazillion blogs online, finding something super original is about as likely as finding hen’s teeth.

However, as far as travel blogs go, there is a dearth of quality content in the area of slow travel.

Moving slow, living in countries for a while is much more rewarding than dashing through them to complete your stamp collection. Slow travel allows for true immersion in a new country and culture, which leads to new life and ultimately to a transformation within yourself.

Furthermore, one thing many, or dare I say most blogs lack is true storytelling ability, genuine creatively written tales and enchanting word wizardry that can both charm and kick the reader in the same breath. (Note: If you felt kicked at all, you may want to check out my disclaimer!)

So what’s here for you?

I know I’m not the only one who has felt trapped in the “real world” or lost in a life they don’t love. Many feel like they can’t take the leap into the unknown, even if it’s what they yearn for.

Several years on the road may have taught me a thing or two, yet that introverted nature still floods the mind with thoughts of “can’t” or “won’t” or “but what if” on a daily basis. The battle rumbles on, the cogs never cease turning…

Eventually, you just have to embrace it.

Introverts, imaginative writers, slow-travel addicts and ambitious souls looking to break the chains of their shy or anxious minds can find a home here. If you truly want to leave your old life behind to embrace your creative soul in a new place, then you’re on the right website.

All you need to do is come out of your shell. The Digital Crusader can help.

Just being here is the first step to your new life and the new version of you, which is actually the version that has been trapped inside this whole time, screaming to break free of the norm. Banging its fists on the inside of your skull until you could ignore its message no longer.

No, just me then?

Don’t lie to me!

You’ve heard it loud and clear, even felt it in your gut. Stop ignoring it.

Be creative, be free.

Let's get started

Try 'em all!

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