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I’m Chris, creative writer and financial freedom hunter.

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Welcome to The Digital Crusader

I believe talented writers are worth big bucks in the digital age.

And there are plenty of clients and companies out there who know it too.

You just need to find them.

With some grit and good advice, you can forget about wasting your time building someone else’s dreams.

Instead, you can focus on building your own online empire that will change your life.

The Digital Crusader is here to help.

I want to help freelance writers break free from soul-sucking agencies, super-competitive job boards, and over-demanding clients.


Because I know that pain all too well.

Good writers deserve better.

Through The Digital Crusader, I aim to help you:

  • Find great freelance jobs.
  • Start new digital ventures.
  • Earn more money online.
  • And ultimately, enable you to grow your personal brand and business to live life on your own terms.

Sound good?

Alright, let’s be friends.


It’s time to write your own future.


Who needs a boss?

For years, I had towed the line, trudging through jobs in supermarkets and warehouses, offices and call centers, bars and building sites.

For years, I had to answer to the beck and call of others, asking permission for time off, and making do with a measly 10 days of vacation time each year.

For years, I wanted something else.

I knew writing was what I really wanted to do, but I just didn’t see how to make it happen.

From fake football reports and scribbled-filled jotters to bad rap lyrics filled with teenage angst, the desire for creative wordplay flickered within me from a young age.

I thought a year of travel would shake the feeling, but it only acerbated it.

Travel wasn’t the answer, it was simply the bait that led me down the rabbit hole.

While ardent use of a pen or passport offers no guarantee of a sustainable living, the years spent doing life a little differently taught me a lot of things.

None more important than this:

I don’t ever want to live a “normal” life.

There is no better time to be a writer than today.

Between the remote working revolution and the global digital transformation, people with real writing chops have a lot to gain.

You just need to nurture your talents, and find the writing niche that works for you.


The Origins of The Digital Crusader

I started this blog in 2016, when I was teaching English in South Korea.

Initially, it was just my playground to experiment with various aspects of digital marketing, such as copywriting, SEO, WordPress, social media marketing and paid advertising.


Teaching in South Korea with elementary students.

Over the past two years, I’ve transformed myself into a fully-fledged digital marketing ninja, which has helped me achieve the location-independent lifestyle I dreamed of for so long.

After leaving my teaching job in August 2017, I went freelance full-time.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Created the most comprehensive resource on Teaching English in Korea you’ll find anywhere online. I guarantee it!
  • Established myself as a reputable, professional copywriter on Upwork, earning $50 per hour after just two months.
  • Formed successful partnerships with several innovative digital marketing companies around the globe.
  • Landed the position of editor with an exciting, new MarTech startup.
  • Launched a content marketing business with my partner that makes $4000+ every month, and is gaining prospective new clients every week.

But that’s enough about me.

The real reason this blog still exists today is because I want to help other writers get what they deserve.

Freelance writing doesn’t have to be about working long hours for peanuts.

I want to help you get past the life of a backpacker or digital nomad, so you can secure your future as a kickass writer and location independent entrepreneur.

Join the revolution today to start your own crusade.



So, what now?

Well, before you wander around this site aimlessly, or worse, dare to break my heart by leaving to look at some cat videos on YouTube, here is all the good stuff to get you started with The Digital Crusader…

Download My Free eBooks

Hand-crafted with passion and pain, these miniature works of digital literary brilliance turned my computer’s keyboard crimson as the blood flowed from my overworked fingertips….

Don’t let my suffering be for nothing. Download my eBooks today.

The Introvert’s Handbook for Confident Travel

Many writers are introverted souls.

Perhaps you’re happy alone in your little cave of books and dreams, far from awkward conversations and the in-your-face glow stick parades and barf-filled bucket beaches of South East Asia.

And yet, travel appeals to your adventurous mind.

Being an introvert shouldn’t be a barrier to your dreams.

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The Kick-Ass Guide to Teaching in South Korea

There’s teaching English abroad, and then there’s teaching English in Korea.

One is an experience, and the other can be a springboard into a new life of digital nomadism, location-independent business and financial freedom.

You could waste your time teaching elsewhere.

You could waste your time reading other resources on teaching in Korea.

But why waste your time?

Why not grab my eBook for the Kick-Ass Guide to Teaching in Korea?

You’ll not find a more in-depth look at the life of an ESL teacher in Korea anywhere on the internet.

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